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I'm running in J2EE world (JSP/JSTL/Servlets the like), and am having problems pulling a field back from my page, or, I'm having problems actually locking the element.

If I use the disabled property, a null (or no object) is returned back to the backend (servlet). However the front end acts like I want it too. If I use the readonly property, I can never seem to enter text in even if using javascript to change the property to false. Suggestions?

Here's one of the html input elements:
<INPUT type="text" style="width:40px" class="inputSmall inputPercentage" id="S_1_3" name="S_1_3" value="5 readonly="true" />

Here's version 1 of the javascript:

function onCall() {
for(cnt=0; cnt<numElems; cnt++){
  if(chkBox.checked) {
    disableElem(document.getElementById("S_" + cntRow + "_" + cntShip));
  } else {
    enableElem(document.getElementById("S_" + cntRow + "_" + cntShip));

function disableElem(elem) {
  if(elem != undefined) {
    elem.value = 0;
    elem.className = "inputSmall inputPercentage formfield-disabled";
    elem.readonly = true;

function enableElem(elem) {
  if(elem != undefined) {
    elem.readonly = false;
    elem.className = "inputSmall inputPercentage";

x-posted to java_dev and javascript

Update and Solution: To properly reference the readonly attribute in javascript, captilization matters. I'm now referencing elem.readOnly and it works beautifully.
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